Monday, January 25, 2016

I am Contented

Assalamu Alaykum.

I think its been several months since I visit this blog. I don't know what happen to me that I don't anymore visit this blog.

I am happy with my life right now. I am a bit sad that I wasn't able to use my domain name. I think blogging is not really meant for me. But I will still visit this blog from time to time, in sha Allah.

I wonder if someone still visit this blog. It's been a hard year for me because I've been doing the same thing since I graduated college.

I am not mad with myself because that's how my life is right now. I choose this kind of life so I will accept also whatever the outcome of it.

But I am still happy with what I have right now. I once read on a newspaper that the true meaning of a poor person is the one who is not contented with his/her life, because he/she still keep on searching or looking for things that he/she don't have.

People nowadays is still on a rat race. They are chasing this world.

I can say that I am not a poor person because I am contented with what I have right now.


PS: Sorry for the rants because that's just what I am thinking right now.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Eid Mubarak to All Muslims around the World

Kaaba in Makkah, KSA (cto)

     Last 17th of July, Muslims around the world celebrate the Eidl Fitr 1436H or the Feast of Breaking Fast. I am really excited about this day.

     We all wake up early in the morning to prepare for the Eid prayer (morning prayer). But sadly I didn’t attend it because I am not feeling well. In sha Allah (if Allah wills) may we truly enjoy today’s celebration.

     I am excited to meet my relatives if ever we will go to their house, in sha Allah (if Allah wills) this afternoon. Today is such a blessings to all Muslims around the world. Hope we will all get to have the love and mercy of Allah.

     I would like to greet my brothers and sisters in Islam, Eid Mubarak to all.

    TaqabbalAllahu winna wa minkum (May Allah accept it from you and from us).

The Spirit of Eidl Fitr

     I cannot really explain every time we celebrate Eidl Fitr (Feast of Breaking Fast). It is such a blessed day to all Muslims around the world.

     Every time it is Eid (celebration) I really feel good, happy and joyful. It is a celebration where you feel the love and goodness of all people around you especially your family, relatives and friends. Every person has a cheerful heart because you can see that they are smiling and greeting everyone Eid Mubarak.

     I really hope that everyday is Eid (celebration) because all people will have goodness on their heart. During Eid (celebration) all of us learn the essence of forgiveness and giving. I am also happy to see people who share their blessings to other especially the less fortunate people.

A Blessed Day

     Today we are celebrating Eidl Fitr (Feast of Breaking Fast). Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah) I really pray that all of our fasting will be accepted by Allah.

     It is truly a blessed day today. Hope that every prayer of a Muslim will be accepted by Allah during this day, ameen (amen).

     I also hope that all of our ibadah (doings) in the month of Ramadan (Holy month of Islam) will be all accepted by Allah, in sha Allah (if Allah wills). Hope we can celebrate it with our loved ones and everytime would be happy this day.

Ramadan Reflections

     This Ramadan (Holy Month of Islam) has been a roller coaster ride for me because there are a lot of ups and downs.

     There are days when I was not feeling well but Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah) I was able to fast even I am not feeling well. There are also days when I can’t really fast. But Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah) I was able to pass all that challenges.

     It is really an eye opening for me that we don’t know if we will reach another Ramadan. But in sha Allah (if Allah wills) we just have to pray to Allah. I hope that what we did during Ramadan we will still continue it even Ramadan is over.

     Because everyday we are Muslims, submitting to the will of Allah.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Take Care of your Mind

     Mental health is really a very broad topic. I just want to get a bit of it. Mental health is pertaining to the mind. It has the vital role in the wellness of a person. If your mental health is healthy, you have a good and sound mind and body.

     Just think about the positive thoughts. It can really help a lot and make you feel happy and content with your life. Avoid negative thinking. When negative thoughts cross your mind, erase it and change it to positive because positivity is the best answer to a healthier mind.

    Have at least six to eight hours of sleep. It is an essential part of having a healthy mind and it makes your brain rest after working at daytime. Every day we really used our mind to think of different things in our life but it needs also to rest. Eat foods that can boost your mental health.

      Mental health is wealth!


PS: I've been away for two months and now I am back.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Who am I?


    Who am I? – A question that is very difficult to answer, a question that even myself can’t answer it completely. Honestly I really don’t know how to answer it.

    But the best thing that you should do is to be authentic and true to yourself. Do not be inauthentic and phonetic other people, you should really be true to yourself and show what you really are. What they say is what they get. But it is really hard to show your feelings or be true to yourself.

   You need to be frank, but I am not that kind of person. I am a person who does not say what I feel because it is really hard for me. I am a person who does not show my emotions to other people. If I am mad to a person, I just hide it. 

   But for a while that feeling will fade, and I don’t know why. And I don’t also hold grudges in my heart. If I am angry to a person that feeling will vanish in my heart but I need a little time to do it.

   Do you ask to yourselves, who am I?

Monday, February 2, 2015

World Hijab Day

     Yesterday February 01, 2014 the whole world celebrated World Hijab Day. It is an annual event that promotes awareness on wearing hijab (veils) that Muslim women usually wear.

     Hijab (veil) is an obligatory act to every Muslimah (Muslim woman) to wear it for the sake of obedience to Allah. It is a cloth used to cover our head, hair and ears and other parts of the head to the shoulders. It is a protection from the eyes of men.

     I am glad that they organize an event like this. It is an event where non-hijabi (hijabi is the one who wears a hijab) Muslims and non-Muslim women participate in wearing it even only for a day. 

   The aim is to create an awareness on what it feels like to wear a hijab (veil) and understand the importance of it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sound Sleep boost your Health


   I will focus more on insomnia (sleepless nights). Insomnia is defined as sleeplessness. I already experience it and it is really a different feeling. You feel like restless because as we all know we need to have at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. And our brain needs to rest also, so that we can achieve health and wellness.

     Have at least six to eight hours of sleep. It is really essential in our daily life. Find time to take a nap for a few minutes everyday. If you are working just relax for a few minutes and close your eyes, but don’t fall asleep. My Aunt told me that by just closing our eyes we can relax our eyes and it is called half nap.

     Eat foods that can make you sleepy like drinking milk before bedtime. Avoid foods that are high in caffeine like coffee, tea and softdrinks because it can’t make you go to sleep. Have a relaxation techniques, when you are about to sleep just think of only good thoughts, places that are beautiful and avoid thinking about your problems.

    Achieve health and wellness